Multipliers 9 Ways Your Leaders

Liz Wiseman identified the nine most common Accidental Diminisher tendencies. These behaviors are often associated with being a strong individual performer or even a strong leader, but when overused or misapplied, they can shut down a team’s intelligence and contributions.


In this guide, you will read about the following

Are your leaders inadvertently shutting people down?

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In this guide you will read about the 9 types of Accidental Diminisher. You will also  learn how to become a Multiplier. You can use the tips in this guide to help leaders at all levels start making the transition to Multiplier behaviors. The best practices presented here are a small part of FranklinCovey’s new Multipliers work session, which is designed to help leaders get more value from every team member.


An Overplayed Strength Can Be a Leader’s Greatest Weakness

As you read this guide, remember: Once leaders are aware of their diminishing tendencies, if they keep behaving the same way, those behaviors will no longer be accidental.

"Leading with intention starts with understanding how our natural tendencies can take us down the wrong path—how seemingly strong leadership traits can go awry and become our vulnerability." - Liz Wiseman

9 types of Accidental Diminisher

1. Idea Fountain
2. Always On
3. Rescuer
4. Pacesetter
5. Rapid Responder
Find out about the remaining types in the guide.