How effective leaders get results

Read our guide, How Effective Leaders Get Results: 7 Ways to be More Proactive, to learn how taking initiative in small, specific ways can help you reach your goals—for your team, your career, and your life.


In this guide you can read about:

Leadership often means doing stuff no one else wants to

  • Broaching touchy topics
  • Making unpopular decisions
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Charting a clear path in a haze of uncertainty
  • Questioning the status quo

These aren’t exactly easy (or glamorous) undertakings — especially if you’re relatively new to leadership and accustomed to letting others take charge. But the good news is you don’t have to dramatically overhaul your behavior to take more initiative. You just need to make a few small, doable tweaks to your regular planning and communication habits.

This guide will help you make changes, whether you are leading collocated teams, remote employees, or a mix of both.