Turn Average employees into high performers

Whenever you have variability in performance, you have variability in results. The key to creating great results is institutionalizing high-performance behaviors at scale. By applying some basic truths about human motivation, you can turn average employees into high performers and typical teams into powerhouses. Moving your middle has dramatic results on your organization’s overall performance.


In this guide, you will read about the following

Sustainable behavioral change requires more than compliance. It requires commitment.

So what does it take to move the middle?
Begin by understanding that leaders can implement change in two ways: through the stroke of a pen, and by promoting behavioral changes. The most sustainable changes  almost always fall in the latter category.

Sure, the stroke of a pen has its place. But it’s going to take a lot more than a memo to significantly boost your customer-satisfaction scores, adopt a consultative sales approach, or systematically reduce cost overruns—or make any other change that truly matters for your business.