6 SEP 2021 9.00-11.00

Join us for our exclusive The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People webinar series

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This highly engaging and well-renowned workshop over 4 sessions; 2 days is an open live virtual workshop, a 2-hour start-up webinar and a 2-hour follow-up webinar to create sustainable results.

You will get exercises both individually and in groups as if we had met physically in a classroom.
Maybe you have someone in your organization whom you think could benefit from The 7 Habits, or maybe you yourself want to try what it is like to do it interactively online.


The 7 Habits is a two-day course where you as a participant get concrete tools to lead yourself and others in a successful and sustainable way.

  • In today's increasingly fast-moving, flexible and digitized working life, the demands are high. You need to be able to take great personal responsibility, put your own time and energy into the right things, and create and contribute to teams where the individual talents, ideas and strengths contribute to innovation, workplace culture and results.

    The workshop is based on the book with the same name The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by the professor and role model Stephen R. Covey.

    The book is based on extensive research on the views and behaviors that are common with successful individuals and is a practical handbook on how to create successful relationships with other people. Since good leadership is mainly about the quality of relationships, the book became an inspiration for leaders all over the world and eventually also a workshop.

    The 7 Habits are a framework of habits that together give you strong relationships and sustainable success. The course is built around a maturity scale, from habit 1 to habit 7. During the course, participants can immerse themselves in all habits in an interactive way.

    Lead yourself: Habit 1 - 3
    First, the participants build a character base by focusing on learning to lead themselves - and achieve private victories. They take full responsibility for their actions, mood, and results. They set goals that are aligned with their own life mission and purpose in the team and in the organization and learn to execute those goals by focusing on what is important and not just what is most urgent.

    Collaborate with others: Habit 4 - 6
    Following the personal victories, participants achieve the joint victories by learning how to work effectively with others. They learn a mindset of abundance and win-win that they can take with them in every meeting and relationship. They also learn how to communicate effectively with others by first listening empathetically and then being understood. Finally, they delve into how they can create synergy with others sometimes completely different from themselves to create results that surpass what any of the individuals themselves could come up with.

    Take care of yourself: Habit 7
    Finally, participants learn how to create sustainable energy and productivity by investing in themselves in four dimensions: body, soul, heart, and brain.
    Process and materials
    The course includes the following material in digital format:
    • Participant kit with participant material, 7-week contract, practice card etc.
    • Access to the app for continuous reinforcement.
    For whom?
    This workshop is for you who want to become better at effectively leading yourself towards your most important goals and collaborating with others, for win-win relationships.
    Practical information

    Dates and times (in CET):
    Monday 6th September 09.00-11
    Tuesday 14th September 09-17
    Tuesday 28st September 09-17
    Monday 8th November 09-11

    9995 kr/per person

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