16 APRIL 2021 11:00 -12:00

Unconscious Bias (16/4)


 Workshop is hosted by:


Marcus and Adam both Senior Consultants with extensive experience from helping clients in strategy and leadership development.

As a part of building sustainable leadership and enabling innovation and growth, addressing our own Unconscious Bias is important. If you have a brain, you have bias!



Nobody wants to think they are biased. Everyone wants to believe that their decisions are based on irrefutable facts, but it is not so easy to draw the line between subjective and objective when you are in the middle of it.
Every day, people are faced with countless bits of information while making decisions that range from the pragmatic to the strategic. As they confront more and more information, they must act quickly while considering varying perspectives. As a result, your leaders and team members are set to rely on biased thinking called unconscious bias. Left unchecked, unconscious bias stifles innovation, and eliminates opportunities—opposite our most deeply held values.

Bias affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential.
In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • The impact of bias on behaviors, decisions, and performance
  • The three bias traps that our brains are constantly facing.
  • Ways to face bias with courage and create a space where everyone is respected, included, and valued.
Unconscious Bias can be used when building your organizations learning journeys to improve efficiency and engagement together with our other solutions. You can also choose the best way to incorporate trainings, we have multi-modal digital learning and content available at anytime, anywhere.


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